Sex, Power and Play
You Can Live a Life of Unbridled Sex, White-Heat Passion & Bliss, no matter what or where you are in life!!

Think about it: Nobody wants a life of half-lived love or be in denial about a relationship that does not bring enough satisfaction ..
So what if, in one weekend, you could finally weave together the fun and bliss of your sexuality, the liberation of your passion and the ecstasy of understanding what actually works and what doesn’t in a relationship? ...

Good News ~ Now You Can!

What to expect:
Come fan the flames at the Sex, Power and Play Workshop which offers three days of key intensive practices to help you cast off your inhibitions. This is one event where you would want to experience it for yourself and not just learn
about it in theory

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"Importance of Working on Relationships"

Feminine & Masculine Energy

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Everybody wants a long-lasting and intimate relationship but few take the first step to create the intimate relationships they desire...


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